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How to Find Your Dream Job & Do What You Love

Finding your dream job and figuring out what you want to do in life takes patience and understanding. Don't get discouraged if you don't find the answer overnight.

Begin to be straightforward with yourself and search internally with regards to your interests. Work on yourself constantly by building your abilities, skills, your own brand, and value.

Your dream job will not fall in your lap- you'll need to invest energy and time exploring your interests and taking the right steps to achieve what you want in life. Finding your passion and purpose in life takes extreme ownership and self-awareness.

  • What fulfills you?

  • What excites you?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • What are your strengths?

Take Time to Reflect

Search inward. Meditate. Write down your thoughts. Take this time to be patient and understand what you enjoy.

Some will say you should return to your childhood memories and discover what you enjoyed back then. I believe this is not the best practice, because you've changed over the years and will continue to change.

Rather than returning to your childhood or cooking up what you'd do in the event that you won the lottery, be realistic and ask yourself a bunch of inquiries to get to the core of what you need and what you enjoy now. Most importantly, how do you monetize doing what you love?

Reflect on what you like about your present position and assess the pros and cons. Do you feel stuck? Do you feel you're making enough money? Can you see yourself working there long-term?

Once you have found options or potential jobs, do the research. Learn about the industry and learn from others who are successful at the position.

Seek Out Advice

Expand your network and see what others are doing. Seek advice from your role models and people you look up to. Who does it the best in that particular industry?

Be realistic about changing jobs or industries. Will your job change require online classes or furthering your education? Will you have to pick up a skill that you have zero experience in? How long will it take to acquire this skill?

Be Prepared

Be prepared to make the change. Make sure when you transition over that you have savings in place and you're ready to make the move. Although you should follow your heart, you need to be smart.

In spite of the fact that earning enough to pay the rent will probably be a factor in any career choice, making a stable monetary cash flow can give you the adaptability to take a risk on something new.

The path to your dream job and doing what you love in life can be scary. Be patient, seek inward, be grateful, and do what excites you.

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